11 Apr

Exclusive and Sophisticated VIP Cabin Crew Training

BAA Training Aviation Academy invites you to take a sneak peek at unique VIP Cabin Crew Training. This exquisite course is aimed at those wishing to become real professionals in the field of business aviation. Take a look at this video and learn what makes VIP Cabin Crew Training so special!...

21 Oct

Reveal the secret of cabin crew training!

Still cannot decide does flight attendant position fit for you? Take a journey around the BAA Training and the Cabin Crew Initial training course together with one of our students! A short recap of the first aid, fire-fighting, ditching and other courses for those who are still undecided. Reveal the mystery to becoming a cabin crew member from up close! And if you decide to start your career as a flight attendant, do not forget to press here:

25 Feb

Cabin Crew Training shorts: Ditching and water survival

Ditching and Water survival training is one part of Initial Cabin Crew training. It is very important to introduce students with the basic ditching procedures in order them to be able to take the role of a survivor manager in cases of emergency. To ensure passengers safety is the principal task of any cabin crew. BAA Training is now presenting the video showing you how this training works practically. Watch and feel free to leave the comment below!...