28 Sep

BAA Training launches a new Ab Initio Flight School website

In the recent years BAA Training Aviation Academy has experienced an impressive growth in all the areas of its activities.

Correspondingly, such a great professional leap put forward a demand for a better organization of the information available on the BAA Training website.

Thus, Ab Initio Flight School is delighted to announce that it launched a new website devoted exclusively to its activity which is more convenient to navigate and makes it easier for the users to find the relevant information faster.

“Keeping in mind that all the future projects are aimed at further development, Ab Initio is set to grow even bigger and is determined to become a leader in pilot training within the region. Thus, we need to innovate and regularly improve both our training services and resources available for our students and future pilots”, comments Edita Bareike, Director of Ab Initio Department.

Although visitors might still find information about Ab Initio training at baatraining.com, all the newest information covering every area of the Ab Initio activity will be placed on the new website at baaflightschool.com.