19 Sep

Greta Baranovič

BAA Training left me satisfied with the quality of the studies. I have gained not only knowledge there, but also got to know a lot of people, who I meet during the flights now.

Although the Initial Flight Attendants’ training does not guarantee employment, it is the first step towards the clouds! During the training we get acquainted with the operational principles of airplane types, assistance to passengers, which are required every time while escorting the aircraft.

After the initial cabin crew training I received the offer to work for the company “Grand Cru”. I accepted the proposal and most of the time I spend visiting foreign countries. After one flight season, I realized that there was no mistake made when I chose this career path. But after a long flight hours I wanted return home – to Lithuania. That’s why currently I am working for “Small Planet Airlines” and attending their flights. I am really happy that it is based in Vilnius and I have an opportunity to return home at least occasionally. When you are a flight attendant home becomes a quiet port after colorful tours around the world.

I love this job and I am grateful to BAA Training that helped me to get into the aviation world!