27 Sep

Cadet pilot program as a measure against pilot shortage

Recently the aviation industry has been actively confronting an increasing pilot shortage which is likely to exist in the future as well. The Boeing and Airbus predict that 617,000 new pilots will be needed by 2035. This phenomenon is influenced by several factors like a global aviation growth, the airplane technologies advancement, and massive expansion of low cost /ultra-low-cost airlines across the globe. Also, low oil prices are increasing airline profits at the moment giving the opportunity to enlarge the fleet. Therefore, the airlines are trying to solve the pilot shortage problem by investing in partnership with flight training academies, Cadet pilot programs.

What is the Cadet program?

Briefly, it’s the pilot training with a job opportunity at the airline. The Cadet program is one of the easiest ways to land in a cockpit of a major airline. The concept of training is simple: if you successfully meet the requirements and pass the special tests and interviews executed by the selection commission of the particular airline and flight training academy you are sure to begin your way to the professional pilot chair starting from the intensive full-time Integrated ATPL course with an airline training partner.

Furthermore, the Cadet programs are the airline’s plans to find the strongest and most highly-motivated candidates for a future pilot job. The companies have various and individual assessment requirements: some of them require to have no experience of ATPL Theory exams taken previously, some want the candidate to have a sense of responsibility, discipline, reliability, and team compatibility, others only recruit the nationals of the airline country and that is not the final list of the specifics and requirements. These requirements are meant to select high quality and professional pilots with the passion for their job.

The benefits for Cadet program students

The first and the key benefit is the job opportunity after the studies. It’s the key advantage of the program due to two reasons. The Cadet pilot saves a lot of time being able to avoid job interviews at a number of airlines and he or she doesn’t need to deal with pre-job interview stress after training.

Another benefit is also related to saving time. The pilot training consists of three major steps: the ground course and the type rating training consist of simulator sessions and practice hours. Normally, when student pilots successfully complete their ground course they have to make a decision on the type of aircraft they want to fly in the future and the type of pilot the airlines are looking for. It takes quite some time until the student finds where to take his type rating training. In contrast, when a student chooses a Cadet pilot program there is no need to waste time thinking about type rating training anymore since the airlines specify what kind of type rating is needed. The companies choose the type rating course according to the airline’s current fleet and its future growth plans. As a consequence, when a student signs the Cadet Program contract, he knows what type of aircraft he will fly in the future.

Also, it’s a good opportunity for Cadets who want to plan their future career along with their friends. After joining the Cadet pilot program together it is highly likely for both of them to get a job at the same airline. On the other hand, if a Cadet pilot joins the program alone, even so, they will be hired along with other Cadets on the same course. This advantage contributes to smooth communication within the crew and good relations among colleagues.

The benefits for airlines

The airline’s contract with a flight training academy for Cadet Program training ensures the quality of pilot qualification. It is a very important aspect for a smooth and top quality airline operation. This high professionalism is achieved by allowing the Cadets to compete. In order to be granted with a workplace after finishing the program Cadets must show good results during the training. The possibility of a guaranteed job keeps the students highly-motivated to do their best.

The other benefit is that this program is a way airlines are dealing with a problem of pilot shortage. The contract between an airline and a training academy ensures that the necessary number of pilots will be attracted. Apparently, it is much easier to do that when the Cadets know that there is a high chance of being hired after the studies.
Cadets – the fastest way to achieve success

Some of us are born to be sales people, some – doctors and only a small fraction is meant to fly. If skies, airplanes, and flying has always been in your day and night dreams, there is no obstacle that couldn’t be overcome to reach the sky. Look for the ways to do it, because it is worth every minute of your effort and work.