17 Nov

BAA Training presents a brand-new VIP Cabin Crew training course

BAA Training, EASA standard aviation training center, is extending its services list by adding VIP Cabin Crew training. The brand-new VIP Cabin Crew training course is the most exclusive product in its range. It stands out from the similar type of training due to its special focus on a practical training part.

“VIP class service requires particularly high quality professional preparation. VIP flight attendant ought to be fully familiar with the client’s environment, therefore we are emphasizing the practical part of our training, which includes a variety of subjects and training locations. We are bringing a niche product into the market, so its exclusivity and quality are the most crucial factors, determining its success”, comments Egle Vaitkeviciute, CEO at BAA Training.

The course profile is extensive and versatile. Starting from the customer service basics and ending with exclusive, first class service training. Students will have an opportunity to visit a business jet, and part of the practical training will take place in one of the luxurious restaurants in Vilnius. In addition to that, they will pass the basic sommelier course and will learn essential tips of the professional look and style.

BAA Training provides this special VIP Cabin Crew training course for both, individuals and airlines. Depending on the private client need, the VIP service training can be combined with the Initial Cabin Crew training course, which issues EASA Certificate and enables candidate to work as a regular cabin crew in the entire world. For the airlines, BAA Training offers different packages of VIP Cabin Crew training according to their employees’ preparation level: whether they want to train the beginners or refresh and raise the qualification level of their experienced VIP cabin crew.

BAA Training keeps expanding the range of its services. VIP Cabin Crew training is the second new product in the last few weeks that the company officially presented. Quite recently the company has announced about starting to provide training for UAV/UAS operators.