24 Feb

Baltic Aviation Academy to offer Flight Instructor training

Baltic Aviation Academy, Approved Training Organization, working under EASA regulations, prepared new training program for its clients. Flight Instructor (FI(A)) training course is now available at Ab Initio School at Baltic Aviation Academy.

Current training program enables pilots to use their aviation skills and knowledge on the whole new level, by becoming a professional flight instructor for Ab Initio students. Such qualification is open for holders of PPL, CPL or ATPL license and may be gained in duration of few months.

Training program consist of theoretical and practical parts. During the course students are focusing on how to teach, motivate students and transfer both theoretical and practical information in most efficient way. Flight Instructor course will be led by the experienced instructors who will teach the basics of both, teaching and learning (25 hours), as well as deepen the theoretical knowledge for the effective flight instructor work (100 hours). Successfully completed theoretical part will be followed by 30 hours of practical training in the single-engine Tecnam P2002JF airplane.

Current training program not only helps to maintain and further develop flying skills, but is a great way for time building. ‘With impressive flight hours in your logbook, and flight instructor experience on your resume any pilot seeking for the job in commercial aviation becomes a primary candidate for employers”, comments Agata Pradedovic, Head of Product Development Division at Baltic Aviation Academy.

Flight Instructor course may be appealing not only for those who seek further career development in aviation, but also for those, who already reached their career peak and consider retirement but still want to keep aviation in their life. Flight Instructor student groups at Baltic Aviation Academy starts training on the 3rd of March and the 2nd of September.