21 Jan

ATPL Integrated – a shot to the captain’s seat

Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL) course is an intensive Ab-Initio training program that allows aviation beginners to graduate in up to twenty-hour month period and hold a valid pilot certificate, which can later in the career lead to a captain’s seat.

ATPL Integrated license has many benefits compared to other Ab-Initio pilot training courses, such as Commercial Pilot License (CPL) or Private Pilot License (PPL). First of all, ATPL Integrated is much more concentrated, studies focused course, which takes student-pilots through the air law, aircraft general knowledge, flight planning and monitoring, human performance and limitations, meteorology, operational procedures, principles of flight, IFR and VFR communications, performance, general navigation, radio navigation, instrumentation and weight balance courses. In addition to all of these, students have 215 simulator and flight training hours and Multi-crew cooperation training course.

From the point of view of the airlines, ATPL Integrated students are prepared in a better way, because of the concentrated study time, which requires student-pilots to pay undivided attention to their studies. This already shows a lot of personal qualities and traits, that good captain-to-be should posses, like, diligence, concentration, time and resource management. One of the most important benefits of the ATPL Integrated license is that pilot is authorized to become a captain for the airlines, and that is the ultimate goal that any cockpit professional might seek.

“ATPL Integrated is a challenging, yet highly rewarding aviation study course which helps student-pilots to enter the aviation work market in the fastest possible way. Studying in a diverse international culture also has its benefits, because students are fully engaged in the environment which will soon replicate their workplace,” commented Agata Pradedovic, Training Project Manager at Baltic Aviation Academy’s Ab-Initio School.