16 Jan

Candidate assessment in Moscow

Baltic Aviation Academy, aviation training centre of Central Europe, announces consultations and candidate assessment sessions in Moscow. At the end of January, Ab Initio School admission commission members are travelling to Russia to provide private consultations and candidate assessment procedures for pilots-to-be.

With the start of the New Year, Baltic Aviation Academy gathers new Ab Inition student groups for 2014. After a successful previous year, when training base was improved with the new Ab Initio training aircraft, Tecnam 2002, JF Cessna 172S, and Flight and Navigation Procedures Trainer, Academy is set to increase the number of students for this year.

Baltic Aviation Academy’s Ab Initio School has students from such countries as Lithuania, Latvia, Finland, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Tadzhikistan, Libya and many others, creating multicultural studying environment – providing an important experience for pilots who will be constantly working within the diverse group of people and cultures.

“We face the fact, that there are a lot of people who consider pilot profession, but they do not know how to start, or what arrangements must be done. By bringing private consultations and candidate assessment to Moscow, Baltic Aviation Academy provides a unique possibility to meet experts and get all the answers in one place” – comments Agata Pradedovic, the Training Project Manager at Baltic Aviation Academy.

Along with the private consultations, candidate assessment procedure may be conducted for those, who already decided to become a pilot and start training. Assessment procedure includes psychological test, English language proficiency test and structured interview based on a commercial pilot competence model. Results will be available right away, and candidates will have a chance to discuss future study plans with the Baltic Aviation Academy’s experts.

“Candidate assessment is an initial, though very important step to start pilot training and gain pilot license. Only by meeting certain criteria, one can become a pilot. Bringing this procedure to a certain city, helps to save candidates’ money and time, and to encourage them to make a step toward their dream”, comments Vytautas Jankauskas, Project Manager at Baltic Aviation Academy.