13 Dec

Baltic Aviation Academy ends the year with noticeable student growth

Baltic Aviation Academy, aviation training centre based in Vilnius (Lithuania) ends the year with a one and half time more students. According to the statistics comparing with data of 2012, academy experienced 65% growth of Type Rating Training Organization students and 43% percent growth of Ab Initio school students.

During 2013, Ab Initio School received students from Lithuania, Ukraine, Afghanistan, Libya, Finland, Latvia, Tadzhikistan, Azerbaijan and Belarus. Therefore academy obtained Flight Navigation Procedures Trainer, two additional Tecnam 2002 JF and one Cesna 172 for flight training. In August, first Commercial Pilot License student group graduated and received Baltic Aviation Academy’s certificates of the ATPL Integrated course completion, as well as the CPL(A)/IR, ME licenses, which enables graduates to operate multi-pilot, multiengine aircraft.

The biggest part of the students at Baltic Aviation Academy Type Rating Training Organization took Airbus A320 course. The second most popular type was Boeing 737 300 – 900. Though the majority of students were males, academy is glad that more female students are entering the studies. Through the year, company continued working on creating more line training possibilities that help to be noticed by potential employer, therefore Baltic Aviation Academy managed to increase these possibilities up to 133% comparing with 2012.

This year Baltic Aviation Academy has been approved by Civil Aviation Administration’s of China, Philippines and Brazil. In addition to that, in October Baltic Aviation Academy received approved training organization certificate under EASA. Flight Training Organization and Type Rating Training Organization that were approved under JAR-FCL have become approved under Part-ORA.